Chocolate Salami

Today’s recipe is extremely easy to make, you can whip it up in practically no time and always have a ready dessert available. And what a perfect pairing this makes with a cup of coffee on a rainy day! This particular recipe I remember from my childhood, but I was reminded of it this Christmas when my sister-in-law who lives in Italy suddenly brought out this treat. The recipe below is maybe a bit more elaborate than what we prepared when I was little, but I think it only benefits from such additions.


  1. 200g of digestive biscuits
  2. 130g  butter
  3. 80g milk chocolate (cut into pieces)
  4. 2tbsp of cocoa powder
  5. 70g sugar
  6. 80g nuts (you can take whatever nuts you like here or a mix of them. I used hazelnuts)
  7. 2tbsp of coffee
  8. 1tbsp of rum (or this can be omitted)



  1. Take the butter out way in advance of making the salami, since the butter has to be nice and soft (while not completely runny).
  2. Take a bowl and break up the digestive biscuits using your hands. It is not essential that all the pieces be equal. Try to make the pieces on the smaller side but not too small.


3. Add sugar and cocoa powder to the bowl.

4. Using a bain-marie method (placing a bowl over lightly boiling water) melt the chocolate and add the coffee, keep the mixture on the heat a little longer until the coffee dissolves.


5. Let the chocolate mixture cool a little, and add the chocolate mixture and the butter to the biscuit mixture. Mix well.


6. Add the nuts and using your hands start shaping the dough. If you are using rum add it here.


7. You can see that I used a bit of icing sugar to work the dough to prevent it from sticking too much to my hands.

8. Shape the dough into a shape of a salami, wrap it in plastic wrap or foil (the salami does not have to be shaped ideally – I promise, no one will notice what shape it is once they taste it) and place the salami into freezer for a couple of hours or better yet overnight.


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